the dallas cowboys schedule


What does the Dallas Cowboys schedule 2022 look like this season?

Looking at the Dallas Cowboys schedule for the NFL season, the odds seem to be favoring them. First, there’s three preseason games that feature three opponent teams. The team uses these games as a test case for the team’s performance, partly to test out the new talent that’s been brought on to the team whether it’s a new coach or backup quarterbacks. Secondly, it provides an opportunity to make adjustments and come back stronger. The fans wondering what is the Dallas Cowboys schedule for the regular season can refer to the schedule listed below and see the Dallas Cowboys game today. So, the Dallas Cowboys football schedule for the regular season features 17 games with one BYE-week in which the team will rest. Since the Cowboys are in the NFC East, they need to perform better than at least three of the teams in their East division, and make it directly to the playoffs. Alternatively, they could finish at second place in their division but still make it to the playoffs given that they perform better than at least one team in the all four divisions of the NFC since there are 7 seats available. Then, they’ll play knockout games against other NFC division teams and compete for the conference championship. Lastly, both NFC and AFC conference champions will compete for the Super Bowl.

What is the Dallas Cowboys schedule in 2022?

The NFL schedule for the Dallas Cowboys for both preseason and regular season looks promising. Moreover, the team’s offense is shaping up to be unstoppable with all the major players returning this season. Additionally, the Dallas Cowboys schedule will see them in action at their home ground, AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for a few games while they will be away for most of the season. The home ground advantage could come in handy for these games, but they’ll have to perform throughout the whole season in order to make it to the playoffs.
  • Preseason: Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos date 08/14/2022 — hour: 3:25pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Chargers date 08/20/2022 — hour: 7:20pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks date 08/27/2022 — hour: 3:20pm CDT
  • Regular season: Dallas Cowboys vs Buccaneers date 09/11/2022 — hour: 7:20pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Cincinnati Bengals date 09/18/2022 — hour: 3:25pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Giants date 09/26/2022 — hour: 7:15pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Commanders date 10/02/2022 — hour: 12pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Rams date 10/09/2022 — hour: 12pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles date 10/16/2022 — hour: 07:20pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions date 10/23/2022 — hour: 12pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears date 10/30/2022 — hour: 12pm CDT
  • BYE-Week
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Packers date 11/13/2022 — hour: 4:25pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings date 11/20/2022 — hour: 4:25pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Giants date 11/24/2022 — hour: 4:20pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts date 12/04/2022 — hour: 8:20pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans date 12/11/2022 — hour: 1:00pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars date 12/18/2022 — hour: 1:00pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles date 12/24/2022 — hour: 4:25pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Tennessee Titans date 12/29/2022 — hour: 8:15pm CDT
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Commanders date 7-8/01/2023 — hour: 8:15pm CDT

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NFL Live Betting explained

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Dallas Cowboys facts

Headquartered in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys franchise was founded in 1960 and plays in the NFC east division where it holds the title of the most NFC championship wins at 8. Their home stadium, AT&T stadium, is in Arlington, Texas and Jerry Jones is the franchise owner. Since 2015, the Dallas Cowboys consistently features at the top of the NFL valuations list with the largest single NFL franchise value of $8 billion. Additionally, the Cowboys have won five Super Bowls out of eight Super Bowl appearances. Also, the Dallas Cowboys are the only NFL franchise to record twenty straight winning seasons from 1966 to 1985 with missing the playoffs only twice.

Dallas Cowboys Rivalries

Over time, the Dallas Cowboys have had sometimes fierce sports rivalries with fellow teams. All three of the division opponents including the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and the then Washington Redskins are the Dallas Cowboys’ rivals. Sports Illustrated called the then Washington Redskins, now Washington Commanders, rivalry as “one of the greatest in sports” back in 2005. This rivalry dates back to the founding days of the Dallas Cowboys in 1960 with 32 combined division championship titles and eight Super Bowl championship titles. Moreover, the rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles is considered to be one of the most high-profile rivalries in the NFL.

FAQs about the Dallas Cowboys schedule

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What time is the Dallas Cowboys game today? The complete NFL schedule for the Dallas Cowboys is listed above in the article where you will find all the preseason and regular season games schedule. Moreover, you can enjoy live-streaming here at BetDSI.

Which Dallas Cowboys game should I bet on? You can browse through all the preseason and regular season games listed in the Dallas Cowboys NFL schedule, and choose the one that looks the most promising. Additionally, you can read about the opponents and also seek the expert analysis of them.

Why is the Dallas Cowboys football schedule tough? The experts agree that the Dallas Cowboys NFL schedule may look tough like the first week face-off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it houses some relatively easy wins as well. For example, the games against the Lions and the Bears.