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Bet on NFL Action

The NFL is America’s premiere professional football league and the highest professional level football league in the world. It’s no wonder that betting on NFL odds is one of the most popular ways to make money with online gambling. Join BetDSI today and you can start earning money by choosing the best NFL betting lines and spreads in the industry.

Every Fall, millions of fans pack stadiums and gather around television screens to watch some of the most intense sports action unfold on the gridiron. The excitement of the game itself is matched only by the thrill of the prospect of winning big by betting on the various outcomes of the game. BetDSI offers hardcore fans, experienced gamblers and novices alike the opportunity to get in on the action by choosing from a variety of betting options that enhance the overall experience of following America’s favorite game.

  • Live Betting

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NFL Odds

BetDSI keeps the most current NFL odds and NFL betting lines. Check out this week’s action and sign up now to start playing and start winning.

Denver Broncos starting quarterback in Week 1 of 2019 regular season

Joe Flacco -1000
Case Keenum +600

Denver Broncos General Manager in Week 1 of 2020 regular season

John Elway +150
Field (Any other person) -180

Super Bowl LIV Odds

Los Angeles Rams +750
Kansas City Chiefs +800
New England Patriots +800
New Orleans Saints +1100
Los Angeles Chargers +1550
Pittsburgh Steelers +1600
Chicago Bears +1650
Indianapolis Colts +1650
Minnesota Vikings +1700
Philadelphia Eagles +1900
Green Bay Packers +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2150
Cleveland Browns +2150
Atlanta Falcons +2850
Baltimore Ravens +3300
Houston Texans +3750
Seattle Seahawks +3750
San Francisco 49ers +3750
Jacksonville Jaguars +4500
New York Giants +5500
Denver Broncos +6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600
Carolina Panthers +6600
Tennessee Titans +6600
New York Jets +9000
Buffalo Bills +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Arizona Cardinals +15000
Detroit Lions +15000
Oakland Raiders +15000
Washington Redskins +17000
Miami Dolphins +30000

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