The Chicago Bulls Betting Guide And Tips From BetDSI

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The Chicago Bulls Betting Guide And Tips From BetDSI

The National Basketball Association (NBA) new season is underway. The Chicago Bulls will look to put up the biggest NBA upset in history. Standing in the No. 10 spot at the end of the Playoffs. However, Bulls betting is still available on BetDSI Sportsbook, and punters can take advantage of favorable competitive odds when using the platform. As one of the most successful teams in the NBA, the new season does not seem like a good start for the Bulls. Consequently, the team lost 42 out of 82 games so far in the season and has won 40. Furthermore, Zach LaVine is the current star player of the team. He leads the team alongside DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, and Nikola Vučević. Still, they will try to turn things around alongside their teammates before the season ends. This article will take you through the Bulls’ NBA season schedule. It will also highlight some betting tips on BetDSI. Furthermore, you will learn about different betting types on the online sports betting platform. Let us dive right into it, shall we?

How To Bet On The Chicago Bulls At BetDSI Sportsbook

On BetDSI, there are two options for players looking for Bulls betting odds. They can place bets through the online platform or over the phone. With over 20 years in the betting industry, BetDSI offers its users a safe betting experience. Also, it uses 126-bit SSL encryption technology to protect all transactions on the platform. Furthermore, the platform complies with all data protection laws, including some of the best KYC practices.

How to contact BetDSI

Additionally, the platform has different customer service channels, including an on-site FAQ section. You can contact customer service at 1-877-223-8374 or through the live chat channel. Also, BetDSI offers online betting on several sports, including soccer. It also has several betting markets. Each market has unique betting odds.

What are the minimum and maximum wagers allowed?

Although the minimum wager is the same for most sports, the maximum limits differ for some sports. Moreso, the Bulls betting method will determine the minimum limit. For instance, an online bet on the Bulls playoff odds has a $5 minimum wager. Additionally, punters have a maximum of $20,000 for online betting.

Betting limits on the phone

Aside from betting online, punters also have minimum and maximum betting limits for betting over the phone. Placing bets over the telephone has $500 as the minimum amount. Additionally, punters have a maximum of $20,000 for betting over the phone. Also, punters can place bets using cryptocurrencies. Visit BetDSI to learn more about the minimum and maximum wagers allowed for the Bulls betting on the platform.

How do I place a bet?

You can place a bet by logging into your account, selecting the sport, game, and betting type, then adding the amount you want to bet. After that, submit your bet.

Create an account on BetDSI

  1. Log on to BetDSI’s website;
  2. Click on “Join”;
  3. Fill out the personal information form;
  4. After that, create a 4-digit transaction code;
  5. Set up your payment method;
  6. Finally, deposit some money into your account.

How do I collect my winnings?

BetDSI offers its users simple steps to collect their winnings. They can use the online channel by clicking on the “cashier” section or through a phone call. It begins with making a withdrawal request through any of the channels. Furthermore, the online sportsbook only processes withdrawals from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Withdrawal limits

Punters have maximum and minimum withdrawal limits. However, the limits depend on the Bulls betting withdrawal methods. For example, Bitcoin payout limits are $100-$3,000. Also, some withdrawal methods have charges, and some offer a faster withdrawal time than others.

BetDSI Sportsbook Betting

First, punters can bet on any sport, including the Bulls to win championship odds using any betting line. To begin with, log into your account and ensure you have the minimum wager in your account. After that, select the NBA as your sport. A list of NBA games will appear. Select any of the Chicago Bulls’ games before choosing your bet type. After that, add the amount you want to wager. Finally, submit your bet and wait for the result.

Responsible betting available on BetDSI

In addition to the simple betting steps, BetDSI ensures that its customers bet responsibly. Therefore, they have the following responsible betting services for customers.
  • Self-exclusion
  • Age verification
  • Counseling services

What are the different types of bets BetDSI offers?

BetDSI has an array of betting types for sports betting fans. Furthermore, punters can access popular and unpopular betting options when betting on different sports. However, the popular betting types have lower odds than the unpopular ones. Additionally, these markets are all available for Bulls betting odds.

Some Popular Betting Types

  • Totals bets
  • Spreads bets
  • Moneyline bets
  • Games and players’ prop bets
  • Futures bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Live bets

Some Unpopular Betting Types

  • If bets
  • Halves bets
  • Run lines
  • Grand Salami
  • Proposition bets
  • Double chance
  • Odds/even bets

Types of Chicago Bulls Betting

Players have access to several betting types on BetDSI. Note that the team is an NBA team, and that means they have the same betting types as other NBA teams. Some popular betting types for the team include parlays, props, futures, moneylines, spreads, and live bets.

Unpopular Types of Bulls Betting

In addition to the popular bet types, players can explore more unpopular betting types in the props betting market. Also, players can win by placing in the following markets:
  • Halftime bet
  • Quarter bet
  • Point bet
  • Pleasers
  • Teaser bets.

The Chicago Bulls Futures

Aside from straight bets, BetDSI allows punters to place futures bets and win large sums of money with as little as $10. A futures bet is simply a wager on an outcome that will not happen in the current day or week.

Examples of Bulls futures bets

You can place bets on the Bulls to win championship odds. Also, punters can place bets on the Bulls to win their division. Rookie of the Year is another example of a futures bet. Additionally, betting on a player to win the MVP is also an example of a futures bet. Finally, futures bets usually have higher odds than other betting types.

The Chicago Bulls Games and Players’ Props

You can bet on the Bulls odds and win regardless of whether the team wins or loses. Props bet allows you to bet on specific elements of a game. Also, BetDSI has two types of props bets. You have game props and player props. Betting on a player’s performance in a game is an example of a player’s prop bet. For example, betting on Zach LaVine to score a 3-pointer is a typical player prop.

Game’s Prop

On the other hand, betting on the team to win the first quarter and first half are examples of game props. A game’s prop refers to specific activities or events in a game. These outcomes do not depend on the game’s eventual outcome, and they are available for Bulls betting.

The Chicago Bulls Parlay

Players use parlay bets to increase the odds on their bet slips. For example, a player can combine Bulls playoff odds with a moneyline bet. Parlay bets can be single-game or multi-game parlays. A single-game parlay also combines different props from a specific Bulls game.

Multi-Game Parlay

A multi-game parlay, on the other hand, combines the odds of two or more Bulls games. Furthermore, for a player to win a parlay bet, all games on the parlay must have the same favorable outcomes. Consequently, you will lose if any game in the parlay does not end in your favor. Also, parlay bets can combine Bulls betting and games from other sports.

Chicago Bulls Live Betting

Punters often don’t get the chance to place a pregame bet. Therefore, the futures bet allows them to wager still while the game is in action. For example, you can still win from this Bulls live betting while the game is live. However, some markets may no longer be available to you.

Live bet features

During live Bulls betting, punters can use in-game features to place bets. Furthermore, they can use the live statistics available for each team to decide their bets. It also gives them a chance to place several bets on a game. Finally, bookmakers constantly update the odds for live bets.

The Chicago Bulls Statistics

General Statistics

You can check the 2022-2023 Chicago Bull’s current roster of players here.

Five Common Mistakes To Avoid When Betting On The Chicago Bulls

Here are some typical Bulls betting mistakes to avoid.

Betting blindly

It is like shooting blindly. You’ll end up not making the best decision. First, players need to understand how betting works, the teams’ current form, and the team with the home advantage. Furthermore, getting adequate information will help you make good betting decisions.

Always betting on your favorite team

You can’t always follow your heart in sports betting. Consequently, you need to follow your head. Although the Bulls may be your favorite team, you must understand that they will not always win.

Placing too many bets

In particular, it’s okay to increase your chances of winning. However, you can’t place too many bets and hope one ends in your favor. Be decisive about your bets. Additionally, don’t wager with your savings.

Changing your unit size

Players often make the mistake of increasing the betting unit because they want a higher payout. Also, they do this after winning a bet, believing they’ll win their next wager. Therefore, stick to a betting unit and only increase it because you have to.

Jumping on trends

Trends are good, but trends don’t always pay. You can’t jump on any trend and hope to get the best out of it. Therefore, understand the game and the teams that are playing. Finally, you can make the best Bulls betting decisions with this information. Ensure you have basic information about the NBA. Also, you can apply any of BetDSI’s responsible betting guidelines to help you practice healthy betting habits.