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Upcoming NFL Season Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule 2022

As the Steelers NFL campaign kicks off, it’s important that you know what the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule for 2022 looks like if you plan on placing any bets. To start with, all NFL teams have a similar setup beginning with three preseason games as a warm-up. This is a great way for the players to come together, get a bit of practice in, try out some new plays, and see how they gel as a team. After the Pittsburgh Steelers preseason schedule, there are six games played out against their division opponents. Following this, the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL schedule includes four games against teams from another division within their conference. However, the next step in the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule is to play two games against teams in the remaining two divisions. Finally, the Steelers play a game against a team not in their conference. Essentially, the final game must be from a division that hasn’t yet played against them. In the middle of all this, there is a bye week. This is when the team is given a week off from playing. It’s the perfect time for bettors to take stock of the situation. Additionally, it allows managers and coaches to figure out the next steps in the Steelers football schedule.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule in 2022?

As touched upon, there are three disparate parts to the Steelers NFL schedule. The first part is the preseason. Following this, the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule has a number of regular season games. These games take place both at home and away as the Steelers face off against some of the top NFL teams out there. As we go through the Pittsburgh Steelers game schedule, the team racks up points. These are very important if they are to progress to the NFL postseason and reach the Super Bowl.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks 08/13/2022 – time: 7pm EST Preseason
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars 08/20/2022 – time: 7pm EST Preseason
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions 08/28/2022 – time: 4.30pm EST Preseason
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals 09/11/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots 08/18/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns 08/22/2022 – time: 8.15pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Jets 10/02/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills 10/09/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10/16/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins 10/23/2022 – time: 8.20pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Philadelphia Eagles 10/30/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • BYE
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs New Orleans Saints 11/13/2022 – time: 1 pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals 11/20/2022 – time: 8.20pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts 11/28/2022 – time: 8.15pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons 12/04/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens 12/11/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Carolina Panthers 12/18/2022 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Las Vegas Raiders 12/24/2022 – time: 8.15pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens 01/01/2023 – time: 1pm EST
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals 01/08/2023 – time: TBA

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NFL Future bets

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NFL Game and Player Props

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NFL Parlay bets

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NFL Live Betting

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Pittsburgh Steelers Facts

Over the years, the Pittsburgh Steelers have seen a fair amount of success in their division. Founded in 1933, they’re one of the older NFL teams. As the name suggests, they’re based out of Pittsburgh and call the Acrisure Stadum in Pennsylvania home. Currently, they train out of Latrobe and are under the ownership of the Rooney family. As mentioned, they have seen some success as well as switching between divisions as the NFL changed formats. Now, they play in the Northern Division. Despite not seeing recent success, the Steelers actually remain one of the most successful NFL franchises out there with a whopping six Super Bowl wins.

Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalries

The Steelers have been around for a while, and it shows in the fact that they don’t just have one rival, but actually three distinct rivalries. These are between the Cleveland Browns (impressively rivals since 1950), the Baltimore Ravens (since 1998), and the Cincinnati Bengals (rivals from the 1970s). What makes these three rivalries so distinct, however, is the fact that these teams are all in the same division. So, this means that they clash every single season. It makes for a lot of fun viewing too. Of course, there are other rivalries as well, though these usually happen in the postseason games and tend not to bring such heat.

Pittsburgh Steelers schedule FAQ

How is the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL schedule laid out? Each season, there are three preseason games. These three games are followed by a run of season games where the Steelers play against teams in their division and conference before potentially moving on to the Super Bowl.

When is the Steelers schedule decided? Generally, the NFL schedule is decided in the spring preceding the upcoming NFL season. It’s important to get this early scheduling done so that all the teams know exactly who and where they are playing, enabling them to be prepared.

What should you look for in the Steelers schedule? To get ahead when betting on the Pittsburgh Steelers games, you should always check out whether each game is being played home or away. Home games always favor the home team.

Why should I look at rivalries in the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule? Checking out the rivalries and where they are being played can really impact the bets you place. You should also take a look at when the Steelers are playing the stronger teams in their schedule.