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What are the highlights of the Panthers schedule in 2022?

Once again it promises to be an action-packed program for the North Carolina team. It all starts in August when the Panthers preseason schedule features trips to Washington to play against the Commanders and New England Patriots on August 13 and August 20. Then there’s a home game against Buffalo on August 27. Once the preseason is over, the Panthers’ first opponents in the regular season are the Cleveland Browns in Charlotte, NC, on September 11. Also, no season is complete without big rivalry games and the NFL schedule for the Panthers sees two of the biggest when they line up against the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay travels to North Carolina on October 23, with the Panthers heading south on January 1 for the return match-up. Next, the Panthers go to their near neighbors Atlanta Falcons on October 30, with the return game at the Bank of America Stadium on November 11. Wrapping up the clashes with NFC South divisional rivals, the Panthers schedule has two games against the Saints, culminating with the regular season finale in New Orleans on January 8. Altogether, this season’s Panthers schedule includes nine home games and eight on the road. And if you need a break in the middle of all the excitement, the NFL calendar gives the team a bye in week 13.

Why should you study the Panthers schedule in 2022?

The Carolina Panthers football schedule gives you all the information you need about the big games for your favorite NFL team. Starting with pre-season preparations and covering the whole regular season, this is where you’ll find the Panthers game for today. You can pick out when Carolina plays its big rivals in the NFC South like Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Moreover, the Panthers schedule in the NFL keeps you up to date on when the team goes up against the defending champion and the top contenders for this year’s Super Bowl. For any Panthers fan, it’s essential reading.
  • Panthers vs Washington Commanders date 08/13/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs New England Patriots date 08/20/2022 — time 19:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Buffalo Bills date 08/27/2022 — time 19:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Cleveland Browns date 09/11/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs New York Giants date 09/18/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs New Orleans Saints date 09/25/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals date 10/02/2022 — time 16:05 ET
  • Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers date 10/09/2022 — time 16:05 ET
  • Panthers vs Los Angeles Rams date 10/16/2022 — time 16:05 ET
  • Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers date 10/23/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons date 10/30/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Cincinnati Bengals date 11/06/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons date 11/11/2022 — time 20:15 ET
  • Panthers vs Baltimore Ravens date 11/20/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Denver Broncos date 11/27/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Week 13 — bye
  • Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks date 11/12/2022 — time 16:25 ET
  • Panthers vs Pittsburgh Steelers date 12/18/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Detroit Lions date 12/24/2022 — time 13:00 ET
  • Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers date 01/01/2023 — time 13:00 EST
  • Panthers vs New Orleans Saints date 01/08/2023 — time TBC

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Popular NFL Betting Types

Traditionally, NFL betting is dominated by the spread. Bookmakers apply a handicap to the teams in each game. For example, if the Panthers are favorites to beat the Falcons, you might see a -6.5 spread applied to the team. That means Carolina needs to win by at least seven points to win the bet. Naturally, bookies will ramp up the odds accordingly. At BetDSI, you can also find NFL-specific wagers. These include first and second-half markets, quarter lines, team totals, and special teasers (a variation on a parlay where bettors can tweak the spread in their favor). There is also a range of props for players and teams in each game.

NFL Future markets

A lot of betting focuses on today’s game. Sometimes, though, it’s good to take a longer view. Instead of worrying about whether the Panthers will win this weekend, how about a bet on whether they can win their division, their conference, or even the Super Bowl itself? Prices on futures markets allow you to do just that — and if you back your pre-season hunch, you can turn a tidy profit as the odds fluctuate throughout their campaign. Futures aren’t only about team results. You can also bet on your pick for MVP, guess who will score the most touchdowns or how many yards your QB will throw during the year.

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NFL Parlay bets

Parlays, also known as accumulators, combo bets, or multis, involve bundling several bets together in one. So, as well as backing the Panthers to beat the Buccaneers, you might also bet on the Rams to beat the Chargers and the Patriots to overcome the Lions. If all three bets come in, you win. Of course, it’s much harder to correctly predict the outcome of multiple games. That’s why the rewards are much greater. Potentially you can win thousands off a small stake. However, because it is much harder to land this type of bet, few punters are willing to stake large sums on any kind of parlay.

NFL Live Betting

Live betting brings your gameday experience to a new level. At its best, this is a truly interactive experience. No longer do you simply stake your money and sweat on the outcome until the final whistle. With live betting, you can constantly refine your wager in response to the action on the field. That helps to maximize profits and cut losses as the game unfolds. And that’s not all. Throughout the game, play-by-play odds give gamblers the chance for quickfire wagers on the outcome of the next down. Unlike full-game bets, these markets settle quickly, giving more opportunities to place a wager. And more wagers mean more excitement.

Carolina Panthers Facts

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Panthers are one of the NFL’s newest franchises. The Panthers played their first season in 1995 at Clemson, South Carolina, and moved to their current home at the Bank of America Stadium the following year. Along with New England, Carolina is one of just two NFL teams representing more than one state. In its first years, the Panthers played in the NFC West. They joined the newly-formed NFC South in 2002 and have since won five divisional titles, second only to New Orleans. The Panthers have yet to win the Vince Lombardi trophy, losing Super Bowl XXXVIII to the Patriots and Super Bowl 50 to Denver.

Carolina Panthers Rivalries

The biggest grudge match is always against NFC South opponents Tampa Bay. The rivalry began when the division started up in 2002 and was stoked up by verbal jousting between both sets of players the following year. Since then, hostilities repeatedly spilled over on the pitch producing several hard-fought physical encounters between the teams. In 2005, even the Panthers cheerleaders got in on the action: two were arrested following an incident at a Tampa Bay nightclub. Games against Atlanta, just 230 miles south of Charlotte, are also big events. The geographical proximity means a large cohort of visiting fans make the road trip, which guarantees a passionate atmosphere whenever these teams meet.

Carolina Panthers schedule FAQ

Where can I get the most up-to-date information about schedule changes? The Panthers schedule is released in the Spring. However, things can change. Start times, in particular, can move for TV coverage. That’s why it’s always worth checking the Panthers’ official website for the most up-to-date news.

What are the highlights of the Carolina Panthers schedule? Every Panthers fan immediately looks for the big rivalry games. Meetings with Atlanta have resonance due to the cities’ geographical proximity. However, for most supporters, the games against the Buccaneers are the must-see events of the season.

When is the Panthers football schedule announced? Each season, the NFL officially unveils its schedule in the Spring. The first information to emerge confirms the opponents that each team will face in the new season. The full program is usually published in mid May.

Where do the Panthers play home games? Every home game on the Panthers gamer schedule will take place at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. Opened in 1996, the arena has a capacity of 74,867 seats. The stadium also hosts MLS soccer games.