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What are the highlights of the NFL Packers Schedule in [2022]

The [2022] NFL season is going to be a special one for Green Bay. The Packers schedule renews some of the NFL’s longest-running rivalries and, for the first time, the Pack is heading overseas to take part in the International Game. That one takes place in London, England, at the newest soccer arena in the Premier League on October 9. Here, the Packers face the Giants at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It promises to be a special trip, and a great chance for one of the cult teams of the NFL to reinforce its global status. Fans are concerned about the departure of key defenseman Za’Darius Smith in the offseason, but they’ll see him again in week one when the Packers travel to Minnesota. The Packers preseason schedule brought one win and two losses, suggesting there is still work to do ahead of opening night. Other big dates to look for include the big rivalry games. Packers play the Bears on September 18 before going to Chicago on December 4. Another NFC North rival, Detroit, hosts Green Bay in week nine before visiting Lambeau Field for the regular season finale in early January. The return game against the Vikings is on January 1. Eight games on the Packers schedule are at Lambeau Field, and there’s a bye in week 14.

What is Packers schedule in [2022]?

The [2022] Packers schedule is essential reading for every member of the Pack. It puts all the information you need at your fingertips, from the dates and times of the big rivalry games in the NFC North to details of TV coverage throughout the regular season. That’s why the Green Bay Packers football schedule is not to be missed. It’s also a handy tool for gamblers. If you see a tough start for the team, you can anticipate some good value odds against more modest opposition as the campaign progresses.
  • Preseason 2022
  • Packers @ San Francisco 49ers date 08/12/2022 – time: 19.30 CT
  • Packers vs New Orleans Saints date 08/19/2022 – time: 19.00 CT
  • Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs date 08/25/2022 – time: 19.00 CT
  • Regular season 2022
  • Packers @ Minnesota Vikings date 09/11/2022 – time: 15.25 CT
  • Packers vs Chicago Bears date 09/18/2022 – time: 19.20 CT
  • Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers date 09/25/2022 – time: 15.25 CT
  • Packers vs New England Patriots date 10/02/2022 – time: 15.25 CT
  • Packers vs NY Giants date 10/09/2022 – time: 0830 CT (to be played in London, UK)
  • Packers vs NY Jets date 10/16/2022 – time: 12.00 CT
  • Packers @ Washington Commanders date 10/23/2022 – time: 12.00 CT
  • Packers @ Buffalo Bills date 10/30/2022 – time: 19.20 CT
  • Packers @ Detroit Lions date 11/06/2022 – time: 12.00 CT
  • Packers vs Dallas Cowboys date 11/13/2022 – time: 15.25 CT
  • Packers vs Tennessee Titans date 11/17/2022 – time: 19.15 CT
  • Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles date 11/27/2022 – time: 19.20 CT
  • Packers @ Chicago Bears date 12/04/2022 – time: 12.00 CT
  • Week 14 — Bye week
  • Packers vs LA Rams date 12/19/2022 – time: 19.15 CT
  • Packers @ Miami Dolphins date 12/25/2022 – time: 12.00 CT
  • Packers vs Minnesota Vikings date 01/01/2023 – time: 15.25 CT
  • Packers vs Detroit Lions date TBC – time: TBC

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NFL Futures betting

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Green Bay Packers Facts

With a long history of success and a unique status as the last surviving ‘small town’ franchise in the NFL, the Packers are a special bunch. The team’s foundation in 1919 makes it the third oldest team in the league, and it’s the only community-owned, non-profit franchise in major league US sports. In that 103-year history, Green Bay has punched above its weight. The Packers’ 13 championships (nine pre-Super Bowl) are an NFL record, while legendary head coach Vince Lombardi gives his name to the top trophy in American Football. Green Bay’s Lambeau Field is a legendary football venue and has sold out every Packers game since 1960, despite its 72,928 capacity.

Green Bay Packers Rivalries

The Packers-Bears rivalry is the oldest in the NFL, dating back to 1921. Green Bay has the edge, moving ahead of the Bears in 2017. After 100 years of that rivalry, the teams had met a record 204 times by the end of 2021. As well as history, geography shapes this match-up: the two teams are barely 200 miles apart. It’s a series that makes heroes — legendary Packers QB Brett Favre was known as the ‘Bear Killer’ as he led Green Bay to a 10-game winning streak in the 1990s. It also makes villains: defensive tackle Chris Martin achieved infamy after a late hit ended Bear’s quarterback Jim McMahon’s season in 1986.

Green Bay Packers Schedule FAQ

What’s Vince Lombardi’s connection with the Packers? Legendary coach Vince Lombardi led Green Bay to back-to-back Super Bowls in 1967 and 1968. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame and, to this day, the Super Bowl winner receives the Vince Lombardi trophy, named in his honor.

Where can I watch the Packers play? Tickets for games at Lambeau Field are hard to come by. Every game on the Packers schedule is a sell-out, and has been since 1960. The official website at will keep you up-to-date on broadcast and streaming options.

When is the Green Bay Packers schedule announced? The NFL starts to release details of its schedule each spring. The first games are confirmed in April and the full calendar is normally published in mid-May. Specials, such as the international games, become known earlier in the year.

Who is the biggest rival for Green Bay? With a long and storied history, the Packers have many big rivalries. But when the Green Bay Packers schedule is announced, match-ups with Chicago always grab the attention. This is the oldest rivalry in the NFL, and one of the most passionate.