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NFL Stats

The National Football League (NFL) is by far the most widely bet upon sporting tournament here in the United States. While some bettors wager with their hearts and back the most popular teams, others rely on data and statistics to make their selections. The latter is smarter. It gives the bettor the added benefit of good knowledge of the sport as well as the teams playing. When betting on the NFL, there are certain pieces of information to keep in mind. This article seeks to put this information across by way of explaining NFL stats, and exploring the different statistics bettors should look out for. These include NFL team stats, offensive and defensive stats, NFL quarterback stats, and more.

Essential NFL stats

The cliché that football is primarily a numbers game holds true for the most part. Even without knowing the final score, statistics often reveal the likely outcome of a game. A few fundamental statistics that can help you win your bets are as follows:

NFL offense stats


In offense, yards can be accumulated in one of three ways: receiving, rushing, or passing the ball. The total number of yards gained from the line of scrimmage to the point where the play ends is used to determine the value of each of these stats. When assessing a team’s recent performance, it’s important to look at more than just the number of games they’ve won or points they’ve scored. The number of yards is also an excellent gauge. Of all the yardage statistics, the most important ones for predicting points scored are yards gained per carry, yards gained per attempt, and the starting position of the offense. Always think about the defense when placing wagers on online football games.


This stat relates to the number of touchdowns a player has scored, which can come from rushing, passing, or receiving the ball once more. Touchdowns are counted individually and tallied in NFL QB stats.


The number of catches is a straightforward statistic that simply tallies up the total number of catches accumulated by a player. It is most frequently applied to the evaluation of wide receivers.

NFL defense stats

Points allowed per 100 yards on defense

In the National Football League, defense is just as crucial as offense. Betting strategies heavily emphasize teams with low defensive points allowed per 100 yards. There is little difficulty in determining this. The defensive efficiency rating is calculated by dividing the total number of yards surrendered by 100, and then dividing that number by the total number of points surrendered. You want to maintain a score under 6, but anything between 6 and 7 is considered average.


This statistic keeps track of how many times a defensive player was brought down by an offensive player. During a passing play, a sack occurs when a defensive player is successful in stopping the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.


This stat ounts the number of tackles made on an opposing player, regardless of whether the tackle occurs before or after the line of scrimmage. The tackle stats will include solo tackles as well as assisted tackles. However, assisted tackles only count for half of a solo tackle in the stat sheet.


The main players who manage to score an interception are the defensive backs. They can often intercept a pass that was intended for the wide receiver. This leads to a turnover.

Possession Time

This stat measures how long a team’s offense has kept hold of the ball. It is a fantastic barometer of the degree to which the offense is in command of the game. While the team with the most possession time might not go on to win the game, this stat is a good indicator that they are on the right track. By retaining possession of the ball the offense can tire the opposing defense, while keeping their own defense fresh.

NFL betting strategies

Wagering on NFL games provides a multitude of opportunities to generate income. Bettors should experiment with a number of different bets and betting options to figure out which ones work best for them. Take into account the following:

Prop bets

The purpose of proposition betting is to present the bettor with a question, the answer to which usually does not have an effect on the final score of the game. For example, rather than placing a wager on the outcome of the game between the Jets and the Buccaneers, players could place a prop bet on the number of passing yards that a specific Jets player will make. Having a good knowledge of NFL passing stats or NFL quarterback stats really comes in handy with this betting option.


With this type of bet, the bettor places a wager on the outcome of a game by picking either a winning or losing team. When placing a moneyline bet, the two possible outcomes are a win or a loss. For example: Green Bay Packers +110 Detroit Lions -130 Odds (either a positive (plus) or a negative (minus)) are assigned to a team in accordance with how likely it is to win the game. The one with the negative odds (-) is considered the favorite, while the one with the positive odds (+) is considered the underdog. In this particular scenario, the Lions are considered to be the favorites, which means that it is more likely that they will come out on top. Because of this, the payouts for betting on the Lions are significantly lower than those for betting on the Packers, who are the underdogs. If a bettor wagers $100 on the Packers, and they come out on top, the bettor will receive a total payout of $210 in their pocket. On the other hand, a bettor who places a $100 wager on the Lions will only receive a total payout of $176 if the Lions come out on top in the game.

Betting on the spread

This is a wager on whether or not a particular team will win by a certain number of points, and punters can choose which team to back. Spread bets are a way for oddsmakers to level the playing field by effectively handicapping the favorite. For example, suppose the Colts are playing the Jaguars, who are the favorites. The bookies might set the spread at 4 points, and the bettor has the option of placing a wager on either team. In this case, as the favorites, the Jaguars must win by a margin of 4 points or more for the bettor to win the bet. However, placing a bet on the underdogs — the Colts — can also be successful. If the Colts cause an upset and win the game outright, the bettor wins the bet. However, if the Colts lose by a margin of less than 4 points, the bettor will still win the bet. This type of wager might look easy at first glance, but the fact that the outcome of each game is completely unpredictable makes it quite challenging.


Here, the bettor makes a prediction on whether the final score will be greater or less than the amount that has been predetermined by the bookies. For example, a bettor may choose to place a wager on ‘over 35’. This indicates that they are betting that the final total score of the game will be more than 35. So, if the final score of the match is 20-16, the bettor wins. But a final score of 20-15 would result in the bettor losing the wager. To make this type of wager, however, you need to have advanced knowledge of betting as well as an understanding of NFL scores.

Parlay bets

Bettors have the opportunity to place multiple wagers (a minimum of two bets) on a single ticket when participating in a parlay. The potential return increases in a manner that is proportional to the number of different options that are included in the parlay bet. For example, a bettor could combine the following three bets into one: Chargers (+200) Eagles (+150) Dolphins (-100) In the event that all three of the teams win their respective matches, an initial wager of $100 will result in a payout of $1500. However, bettors will lose their entire wager if even a single option turns out to be unsuccessful. You must take into consideration that the risk involved in placing a wager on a parlay increases in proportion to the number of different options included in the bet.

Futures bets

A bet on the outcome of a future event is referred to as a futures bet. A futures bet, as opposed to a straight bet, is placed by gamblers on the outcome of an event that will take place at a later time. Bets on the winner of the Super Bowl, the Most Valuable Player, the champion of a division, the rookie of the year, odds to make the playoffs, and other outcomes are examples of futures bets.

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Betting strategies for every team in the league

Bettors who are interested in wagering on the outcomes of NFL games should arm themselves with as much information as they can. Having constant access to various NFL stat leaders will significantly increase your chances of winning. However, you should also consider the following tips:

Put restrictions on your betting

Bet only the amount that you can afford to give up if you lose. Also, establish a consistent betting amount based on your average and stick to it. This is because spending too much money can result in both dissatisfaction and resentment. Luckily, our BetDSI platform provides a mechanism that lets users establish daily or weekly betting limits for themselves.

Maintain current awareness of the NFL’s standings and scores

Injuries, suspensions, and alterations to the lineup as well as a change in game strategy can be catastrophic for football teams. Checking up on the latest NFL team stats, and news is therefore absolutely necessary for successful betting. Bettors should make it a priority to keep up-to-date on NFL player stats in order to improve their ability to forecast the outcomes of games. This information is released by the spokesman for each team in order to assist fans and bettors in making decisions pertaining to the NFL. The odds of winning bets on sporting events can be improved with additional data.

Bet responsibly

Expecting a team to win each and every game they play can be unrealistic at times. Bettors need to exercise caution and avoid getting carried away with their excitement.

Takeaways on NFL Stats

Having adequate knowledge of NFL stats for teams, ,individuals, and game strategies plays a big role in making sure that you place good bets. Stats are the bread and butter of betting. It’s important that you know what the different stats are, how they work, and what influences them. That way, you know what you’re getting yourself into when you do your research for placing bets and reading those stats. Some people base their judgments solely on the most common margins of victory and key numbers. Others prefer to get a comprehensive understanding of a team’s recent performance by looking at a variety of metrics. All in all, try to take on the latter’s traits. You can put your newfound knowledge of NFL stats to the test by placing bets right now.