nfl football schedule


NFL football schedule

The NFL football league has gone beyond borders to catch the attention of international fans. With all the excitement surrounding NFL football betting, many sports betting enthusiasts have taken their betting to a higher level. BetDSI is among the key players in the online gaming industry, providing quality customer service delivery and decades of experience in the betting arena. NFL regular season schedule has 272 games spanning 18 weeks. Several factors go into the schedule-making process, which is a tall order. This article explains everything you need to know about the NFL schedule. Read on!

Who creates the NFL schedule?

The preparation of the NFL schedule has come a long way. Prior to technology, the system was manual, one game at a time. Today, many people wonder how the NFL schedule comes to fruition. Its creation involves six NFL executives. These six executives include the Senior Vice President of Broadcasting, Senior Director of Broadcasting, Director of Broadcasting, 2 Vice Presidents of Broadcasting, and the Broadcasting Manager. Other than the six executives are the fans and the broadcast partners. Technology is also integral in the creation of the NFL schedule. With technology in place, thousands of cloud-based computers come up with thousands of viable schedule options. It sets the stage for NFL executives to embark on the strenuous job of picking the best possible combinations. Despite the brain-draining task of developing the best NFL football schedule, the executives must consider certain factors. They must look into the scheduled events in or near the NFL stadiums. Besides, it is vital because certain events may interfere with the NFL matchup dates, while others may result in stress on the playing grounds or undue logistical nightmares. Due to these issues, the NFL league collects relevant information on such events very early to avoid scheduling conflicts.

NFL draft

The NFL draft is a highly-anticipated event that gives teams the chance to infuse their roster with fresh talent. It is vital for most coaches since the players’ selection can be a game-changer for their teams. Here, teams compete for new talent, anticipating that the talent can lead their club to glory. Over the past three years, the NFL draft has had an immense viewership of about six to eight million people. The NFL draft boasts 87 years of making history, giving fans a sneak peek at the league’s future stars. Regular alterations have been made to the draft by implementing new rules and regulations. The NFL draft comprises of seven rounds where the 32 teams automatically make a pick in each round. This event runs for three days, from Thursday to Saturday. During the NFL draft, teams are assigned tables for their respective selection representatives, are given a specified number of minutes to make a selection in each round. In the event that time is exhausted before a selection is made, the team will still be given a chance to make a pick after the next team(s) have made theirs.

NFL schedule breakdown

The 32 teams in the NFL league split into two conferences: AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference). It means each conference has a total of 16 teams. These teams are split into North, South, East, and West divisions. In each division, there are four teams. Here is a breakdown of the 17-game schedule;
  • Six matches against divisional rivals — Two matches for each team, one home, the other one away.
  • Four matches against divisional teams in its conference — Two home games and two away games with a rotation each season between the other three divisions in a team’s conference.
  • Two games against teams from the two divisions remaining in its own conference — A home game home and an away game with matchups according to division ranking from the previous season. Teams finishing in the same place in their respective division face off here.
  • Four games against teams from a division in the other conference — Two home games and two away games with rotation each season between the four divisions in the other conference.
  • The 17th game is new and an additional game against a non-conference opponent from a division the team is not scheduled to play. Here, the matchup includes the previous season’s rankings, whereby teams that finished in a similar position face off in their respective division. Each season, conferences alternate between the home and away games.

Factors affecting the NFL schedule creation

The schedule makers strive to find the best matchups within the available time slots, and they have to look for the best spots for the premier contests. Timing is essential to achieve this, and they must consider primetime games on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. During the NFL schedule creation, bye weeks are also critical to consider. A bye week is when each team gets a week near the middle of the season where they don’t play any game. During weeks 6-14, the NFL schedule makers must figure out each team’s bye week. Since the teams are in different states, travel is something to consider. The brains behind making the schedule try to ensure that teams do not have more than two consecutive away games.

Can NFL games be rescheduled after the schedule is announced?

The NFL league understands the need to be flexible. As a result, it came up with flexible scheduling. With this, the league could move the top late-season matchups to slots that could attract a wider audience. During weeks 5-7, the league can move the 1 p.m. ET and 4p.m ET on Sunday to NBC’s Sunday Night Football. The NFL league can also flex a game for the regular season finale into Sunday Night Football. Cross-flexing is another way of rescheduling already scheduled games. It was introduced in 2014 and allows games scheduled for CBS or FOX to be broadcast on the other Sunday afternoon network.

NFL football playoff schedule

The NFL playoffs are simply a single-elimination tournament. The tournament determines the NFL champion, and it is held after the NFL regular season. The NFL football playoffs schedule qualifying teams for the playoffs, including the seven teams from the two league conferences. Therefore, a total of 14 teams compete in the playoffs. In unique circumstances, the tournament may demand a tie-breaking procedure. The NFL playoffs culminate in the Super Bowl, the final playoff game determining the league champion.

NFL football schedule today

The release of the NFL football schedule is among the biggest event during the off season, and it comes four months before the opening kickoff. This means that coaches, players, and fans, have ample time to prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally for the long-awaited Vince Lombardi Trophy. They plan and strategize for the coming fall and winter during this time. The NFL football schedule for today tests whether the preseason matchups were worth the while after the off season period.

NFL Thursday night football schedule

As the name implies, the TNF (Thursday Night Football) involves the games broadcast mainly on Thursday nights. These games usually kick off at 8.20 ET. The TNF has been jumping from one network to another. After several hops, Thursday Night Football settled for a more permanent home, the Amazon Prime Video. The partnership involves 15 TNF games during the 2022 season streamed on Amazon. The exceptions for this agreement include Week 1’s kickoff game and Thanksgiving games on Week 12.

NFL football schedule this weekend

The National Football League usually starts its regular season on the weekend after the first Monday of September. Most NFL weekend games play on Sunday, with most kicking off at 1p.m (ET). Furthermore, a single Sunday night game is scheduled for 8. 20p.m (ET).

Betting on NFL Schedule using BetDSI

Placing NFL wagers is quite simple, but there are some subtleties to be aware of. The rapid change and increase of legal sports betting in the US have favored NFL’s betting appeal. A large number of the US population, 21 and above, have access to betting on the NFL. Luckily, BetDSI has made betting markets easily accessible, and below are a few NFL betting options on the platform.

NFL Point Spreads

Everyone loves the old-time betting option of the NFL spread regarding football. The betting option works for novices and pros in online sports betting. A point spread is a wager based on the margin of victory of a team. It is pretty popular with the NFL football league. In NFL betting, a team with a negative value (-120) is the favorite, while the team with a positive value (+120) is the underdog. For example, a game of Baltimore Ravens -7 vs. New York Jets +7. The Baltimore Ravens are the favorite, while the New York Jets are the underdog. Baltimore Ravens will have to win by 8 points or more for their bettors to win. For New York Jets bettors to win, the Jets will have to either win outright or the Ravens lose by 1-6 points. In an instance where the Baltimore Ravens win by exactly 7 points, it becomes a push, and wagers are refunded.


Betting on futures is a common strategy in the NFL football league. It involves placing wagers on teams most likely to win the MVP or the championship. This type of bet can be decided at the beginning, during, or end of the season or tournament. The bet is based on events or actions that will happen in the future. Future bets open even before the season starts and accommodate wagers throughout the year. Bookmarkers adjust the odds in reaction to trades, injuries, and the amount placed on specific teams or outcomes.


In moneyline betting, a bettor places a wager on the winner of the matchup or tournament. For example, in a game between the Indianapolis Colts (-350) and the Houston Texans (+290), the Indianapolis Colts are favorites, while the Houston Texans are underdogs. If you bet $100 for Indianapolis Colts, and they win, your payout will be $128.57. On the contrary, when you bet $100 for the Houston Texans, and they win, your payout will be $390.

Over/Under or Total

Betting over/under means placing a bet on the total number of points in a game or tournament. This involves a wager on whether both teams’ combined points, goals, or runs will go over or under a predetermined amount. For example, a game of Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams. If the over/under is 51.5, and the total scores come to 44 points, with Buffalo Bills having 24 and Los Angeles Rams 20, the under bettors will win. But if the match ends with 56 points, with the Bills having 32 and the Rams having 24, the over bettors will win.


This type of bet is not tied to the outcome or final score of the game. Prop bets include wagers on players’ statistics, significant events like the Super Bowl, or those that do not take place within the actual game. These include over/under, passing yards of a player, which team scores first, and which team will win the coin toss.


In parlay betting, bettors link wagers to create a stake with a greater payout. It is essential to note that in such a bet, all wagers must hit for one to win the entire bet. Sportbooks dish out larger payouts as bettors add more games to their parlay. The more games you add, the higher the risk of losing a bet. An NFL parlay bet allows multiple selections into one bet. A good example is a three-team moneyline bet. If you bet that the Chicago Bears (-110), Las Vegas Riders (-150), and Dallas Cowboys (-130) would win their matchups, you could parlay the teams instead of betting each separately. Betting $50 on each team individually would give the following payout:
  • Chicago Bears – $95.45
  • Las Vegas Riders – $83.33
  • Dallas Cowboys – $88.46
Totaling these 3 matches would give a payout of $267.24. However, if you parlay the bet for a bigger payout and wager $150 on the three-team moneyline, you would win $844.40.

Live betting (In-game betting)

Most bettors are embracing live betting on sports. It involves betting on games already taking place but not yet completed. Live betting helps late bettors to catch up with their betting despite the game starting. For example, in a game between Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans, the Texans open the game as a 7-point favorite in the first quarter, but Indianapolis Colts win. Live betting allows you to bet for Indianapolis Colts as the match continues giving you a better chance of winning your bet.

NFL football playoff schedule- Conclusion

The NFL football schedule gives you a rundown of what to expect. It is the heart of NFL betting globally. With sportsbooks like BetDSI, you get the best odds and secure payouts. Therefore, maximize the NFL schedule by betting responsibly with BetDSI, your premier betting platform.