The new midfield logo for Cleveland’s 2022 home opening


For the first time since 2016, the Cleveland Browns will have a midfield logo, and the design pays homage to the team’s illustrious past. Following a public vote on one of four field designs, the 50-yard line for home games this season will sport a massive picture of “Brownie the Elf.” The “running Brownie” picture shows him moving with the football and exhibiting the standard stiff arm. This Sunday’s Browns home opener versus the Jets will feature the first public display of the new logo. The new midfield logo has us really pumped, said Browns executive vice president on Tuesday. “We were really interested in involving our audience. They are among the finest in sports, the best in the NFL, and the best in their league. We were quite interested in hearing from them and getting their input. The old-school Brownie logo allowed us to successfully combine the new logo.” The new logo originally appeared in 1946.