Red throwback alternate jerseys will be used once again by the Patriots


In 2022, one of the greatest throwback outfits in NFL history will be back. The New England Patriots said on Wednesday that their retro red jerseys will be returning. Following the team’s first Super Bowl victory in the 2001 season, New England wore the retro-style uniforms in the 2002 season. Since then, the Patriots have worn the uniform (and period-appropriate versions of it) during the 2009–2012 seasons. However, starting with the 2013 season, the NFL’s one-shell rule has made it impossible for the team to wear a throwback look. To the joy of fans with an eye for aesthetics, the league’s decision to abolish the one-shell restriction has allowed for the revival of these (and several more) retro outfits. Back on the side of New England’s white-shelled, white-facemasked helmets is Pat Patriot, who is always prepared to snap the football. The tri-color shoulder stripes, a symbol of the team’s heritage, are another distinctive feature of this outfit.