New all-black helmet for the Panthers


The Carolina Panthers are the latest club to announce that they would use different helmets with the 2022 season. The team revealed on Tuesday that its Thursday Night Football matchup against the Atlanta Falcons on November 10 would feature new black alternative helmets to go with an all-black color rush suit this season. According to the team’s official website, standout edge rusher Brian Burns claimed that “players sometimes dip into an alter personality depending on what they’re wearing. When I saw this, I thought, this will be challenging. Whenever a team wears all black, or black accessories, it just brings out the dog in them, the wicked side. They already refer to us as the dark side, especially in defense, so it all fits together.” Fans have been calling for alternate helmets for years, and the rule change has allowed clubs to bring fire to their standard getup. From now on, each and every team can choose a different helmet. The NFL changed the uniform policy to allow clubs to wear alternate helmets in 2022, moving away from the one-shell rule instituted in 2012.