His Sister Sued Dean Spanos


Dean Spanos, the owner of the Los Angeles Chargers, is being sued by his sister Dea Spanos Berberian. On Friday, she filed a complaint in California alleging sexist conduct and many violations of fiduciary responsibility. Spanos’ removal from the family trust that owns 36 percent of the Chargers is demanded in the complaint. Spanos’ nephews also implicated him in a separate case. Berberian’s sons, Dimitri and Lex Economou, accused him of diverting money from the family trust, according to Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times. Dean and Michael Spanos, Dean’s brother and Chargers vice chairman, allegedly modified the trust four years ago, causing money to be transferred from the trust “to themselves personally.” Berberian is accusing her brothers of acting “out of their deeply-held misogynistic attitudes and sense of entitlement as the family’s men… and to rationalize their pitiable behavior, which she believes is intended to teach her that a woman has no rights, regardless of what any trust instrument might say,” according to Schefter and Martin. Dean Spanos has yet to respond to the allegations. If he loses the case, though, the Chargers’ ownership structure might shift dramatically.