As Giants GM, Joe Schoen anticipates being a “nervous mess” throughout training camp


Joe Schoen, the new general manager of Big Blue, has moved one step closer to game time with the New York Giants rookies reporting to training camp today. When practices began on July 27, the rookie general manager told Paul Schwartz of the New York Post that he anticipates being a “nervous mess,” holding his breath in the hopes that no serious injuries would occur. With 90 players on 32 rosters, Schoen said, “Once roster attrition sets in, that’s tough because there are only so many people out there at each position that can still perform in a camp” It usually causes me a lot of worry. You want to have enough players so that you can train and have enough competitiveness so that folks have to put their best foot forward as you watch football. It’s a fine line to walk between ensuring that players put in adequate practice time, being prepared for contact, and maintaining everyone’s health. Our excellent sports science and medical departments have been collaborating closely on the practice schedules with Brian Daboll. I believe our strategy is sound.” Schoen withheld information on the condition of several of his players, though.