According to Jody Allen, the team is not currently for sale


Both the Seattle Seahawks and the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, which the Paul G. Allen Trust also controls, are presently not available for sale, according to Jody Allen, chair of the Seattle Seahawks and trustee of the Allen Trust. “Building championship teams that our communities can be proud of is my long-term objective as chair of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seattle Seahawks”, said Allen. “Like my brother Paul, I have faith in and hope that our leaders and coaches can create successful teams that perform well on the field and in the classroom as well. Both teams are not for sale, as we have already indicated, and there are no active sales negotiations.” “Given Paul’s desire to donate the great bulk of his money to charities, a moment will come when that changes, although estates of this size and complexity can take 10 to 20 years to wind down. My and my teams’ main priority right now is winning”. Since her brother Paul Allen passed away, Jody Allen became the de facto owner of the team.