Without Chandler Jones, Markus Golden is prepared to go “hunting”


The Arizona Cardinals think they still have playmakers to pursue the quarterback despite losing Chandler Jones from their defense. Markus Golden, who led the Cards in 2021 with 11 sacks, has now assumed the position of real No. 1 pass rusher. However, the 31-year-old has always thought of himself as the “boss”. The team’s official website quotes Golden as saying, “Even when Chandler was here, I was the No. 1 person. Because Chandler wasn’t there the first day, it seemed strange at first. However, I’m also happy with the guys we have. You can’t replace Chandler, as everyone has been saying. However, you can still hunt. I’ll do my part by going hunting, and I’m confident that the other guys will follow suit.” Golden has three double-digit sack seasons in his career, and the player is preparing to create his own legend, not replace Chandler.