Tyreek Hill’s remarks reportedly stunned Patrick Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes stated on Thursday that he was shocked by Tyreek Hill’s criticism of him and the Chiefs in recent podcast comments. Mahomes said when the Chiefs completed their offseason program, “I’m a bit shocked just because I feel like we adore Tyreek here. “We’ve adored him forever. We still cherish him. He was at the Miami Formula One, as I saw. I’m certain that it was related to his attempts to launch and promote his show. “Tyreek remains my favorite. He is an exceptional player. The entire team is required for Andy Reid’s offense. Even before I arrived, this crime was in progress. When I was a young Cowboys supporter watching Reid’s Eagles destroy the Cowboys, this offense was scorching. It’s an infraction with several participants, including myself.” On his podcast, Hill stated that the Chiefs and Mahomes would struggle without him.