Tyreek Hill: This year, critics will “take their remarks back”


On his It Needed to be Said podcast, Tyreek Hill hasn’t held back while praising quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and in a new episode released on Friday, his assurance was steadfast. There will be many individuals retracting their statements against Tua, according to Hill. “I actually can’t think of a specific example, but I’ll say reporters, analysts, and Twitter trolls. I’m simply going to be sitting there munching my popcorn as all those folks retract what they said about Tua.” Hill seemed sincere about his conviction in Tagovailoa, despite appearing to be trying to fill up a Terrell Owens-themed bingo card with his QB defense and popcorn talk. He has always elevated him, and after a tough start to his career, the third-year quarterback needs to hear such confidence-building advice. To create a threat in the AFC East, Hill and his partner Waddle need to work together.