Todd Bowles: Tom Brady doesn’t get treated differently


After Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, Tom Brady’s Buccaneers are now 3-3, and there are more and more concerns. What’s wrong with this team? Exists internal strife? Why are the Buccaneers, a team that has a history of having an explosive offense, having trouble scoring? What does head coach Todd Bowles think about the public idea that Tom Brady receives preferential treatment? was perhaps the most vocal question to arise on Monday. He puts in as much effort as anyone, according to Bowles. It kind of comes with the territory. Don’t worry about it too much. “There have been a few players who have missed some meetings and certain practices for particular things that simply don’t get publicized because they’re not him.” Because of who Brady is, his time off during training camp, his downtime during the regular season, and his participation at Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s wedding on Friday have all received a lot of media attention. However, they continue to be a topic of discussion since Tampa Bay hasn’t developed as much as most people anticipated the Buccaneers would have by this stage in the season.