TJ Watt won’t require surgery and might make a full recovery in six weeks


The outlook for T.J. Watt seems to be becoming better by the hour. Although Watt is still awaiting further details, it is anticipated that his Sunday pectoral injury won’t require surgery and won’t cause the end of his season, according to NFL Network Insiders. Insiders stated that there is hope that Watt would return in “six weeks or so.” Watt’s timing suggests that he will most certainly go on injured reserve, but the Steelers have not yet made this roster adjustment. According to new regulations that the NFL and NFL Players Association agreed upon in May, if Watt is placed on injured reserve, he will need to miss four games before being allowed to make a comeback. The Steelers started the day Monday worrying about their top edge rusher and his pectoral injury, but as the day gave way to night, the mood changed. Watt sought a second assessment after discovering there was no torn pectoral.