The teammates of Kyler Murray are confident in his work ethic


The Arizona Cardinals teammates of Kyler Murray are unconcerned about their quarterback’s study habits. Arizona tight end Zach Ertz and safety Budda Baker defended their quarterback’s dedication and aptitude for the game following revelations on Monday that Murray’s contract deal with the Cardinals contained a stipulation requiring “independent study” each game week. “He always understood what I was talking about when I questioned the way their defense was employing particular strategies, according to Ertz on Tuesday. He was usually in agreement with me when I wanted to discuss certain strategies they were doing or anything I saw based on my research.” On Monday, Murray’s five-year, $230.5 million extension became official, and with it, it was revealed that the contract included an addendum requiring him to perform at least four hours of individual study each game week during the season. According to Ertz and Baker, “Kyler understands what he is doing.”