The Rams “can go above and above” last year, according to Matthew Stafford


Prior to Matthew Stafford’s debut season with the Los Angeles Rams, high expectations were placed on him. Stafford undoubtedly met or perhaps beyond those expectations after a performance that included 41 touchdowns and a Super Bowl victory. Stafford thinks his comfortability puts him further ahead this year than it did last, making his goal of a repeat beckon more attainable. Stafford added, “I think about what I understood about this club and this offense at this stage last year, and it’s just so minuscule in contrast to what I know and understand today. We can go above and beyond what we did last year, so it gives me a lot of comfort.” Stafford threw for 4,886 yards and a 67.2 completion %, both of which were career highs, in addition to 41 touchdown passes, matching a career high. When the 12-year starter for the Detroit Lions plays his first season in Los Angeles, a lot is expected of him.