The Panthers seem unconcerned about Christian McCaffrey’s overall number of touches


Week 1’s utilization of Christian McCaffrey was just insufficient. In Week 1, the running back received 14 touches, resulting in 57 yards and one score as part of an offense that generated 261 total yards. McCaffrey only gained an average of six yards per catch as a result of the Browns repeatedly containing him after receiving passes, while Cleveland outgained Carolina 217 to 54 in the running game. That is just not enough output from a top player who serves as the offensive catalyst for the Panthers. Matt Rhule, the coach of the Panthers, is yet unfazed in his strategy with McCaffrey. “Someone will always doubt the figure, whatever it may be”, Rhule said on Wednesday. Given that McCaffrey is resting on Wednesdays after two seasons marred by injuries, the Panthers are obviously being cautious with him. But that’s part of a bigger strategy to avoid another injury that would ruin the season.