The Cowboys’ No. 1 WR is now CeeDee Lamb.


CeeDee Lamb is now Dallas’ top receiver after the Cowboys traded Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns over the summer. When he saw the news, Lamb said he was working out, according to Mike Silver. “Actually, I was in the gym. I saw it. TV broadcast it. When I watched it on TV while exercising in Fort Lauderdale for my offseason program, I thought, “Wow, that’s wild,” “said Lamb. “My phone practically started exploding minutes afterwards. Since then, the tale has become absurd.” Lamb admitted to being “surprised” by the Cooper deal, but he’s up for the task. “That is a lot to process. Although it seemed to happen quickly, I believe I am capable of handling that circumstance” referring to his position as the Cowboys’ top receiver. “Truth be told, it has in a way upped the bar. Although I already hold myself to a high level, there isn’t really much more you can do right now but to take it on. I have that much vitality.” The whole league has high hopes for Lamb after he finished his second season with 79 receptions and six touchdowns.