Teddy Bridgewater leaves because of the concussion protocol


Teddy Bridgewater, the Dolphins’ starting quarterback, was declared out of Sunday’s 40-17 loss against the Jets in the first period. The quarterback was examined for a head injury before leaving with an elbow injury. Bridgewater wouldn’t return because of the concussion protocol, Miami stated during the game. Doctor-assisted testing on Bridgewater was successful. Bridgewater was disqualified, nevertheless, as a result of the ATC spotter’s observations and the updated concussion rules that were approved on Saturday, which added ataxia to the “no-go” list. Ataxia is “characterized as irregularity of balance, motor coordination, or disordered speech caused by a neurological condition,” the NFL and NFLPA stated in a joint statement on Saturday. After the game, Bridgewater’s removal was verified by Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel, who told reporters that the quarterback had completed the required examinations and had not displayed any signs of a concussion. Bridgewater has been put into concussion protocol and must follow all of its procedures, including getting the all-clear from a separate neurologist, before being permitted to resume playing.