Steve Wilks removes Robbie Anderson from sideline


In the team’s 24-10 defeat to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, the Carolina Panthers’ problems on the field spilled over to the sideline. Robbie Anderson, a wide receiver who is currently in his third season with the team, had many altercations with wide receivers coach Joe Dailey, starting in the first half and continuing into the third. Cameras saw interim head coach Steve Wilks soothing Dailey before removing Anderson from the field before the fourth inning. The Panthers are presently 1-5 and have parted company with head coach Matt Rhule six days prior to the public expression of dissatisfaction. Anderson claims that he spoke up since he wasn’t utilized for important downs that would have helped Carolina convert plays. In his postgame press conference, Anderson stated, “My duty is to help us win. And I’ve been eliminated from the game. I don’t believe I should be okay with it, you know. So I said something. ‘Why am I being removed?’