Since Week 5, according to Aaron Rodgers, he has played with a fractured thumb


Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has reportedly been dealing with a bothersome thumb ailment while on the field for some time. The damage’s extent is now known. The Packers’ Week 5 loss to the New York Giants in London ended with Rodgers breaking his thumb, which he revealed on Wednesday. With the Packers being 4-7, Rodgers is on track to have his fewest passing yards for a whole season since taking over as the starter for the team. He has so far refrained from using his thumb as a justification for why he and the squad haven’t been performing at their best. According to Rodgers, who noted that his 2018 knee injury was more restrictive when it came to throwing the ball, “I think I’ve had worse injuries I’ve played with. So, yeah, it was absolutely difficult. But the days off were helpful, and this week I am feeling better.”