Shawn Jefferson, WRs coach for the Cardinals, bolsters his son


A touching postgame exchange between Rams wide receiver Van Jefferson and his father, Cardinals wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson, was captured by HBO’s Hard Knocks on a weekend when the Cook brothers, Dalvin and James, and the Chubb cousins played football together. Los Angeles has just suffered its third consecutive loss after Arizona’s 27-17 victory. The wideout buried his head in his father’s shoulder around middle and Shawn remarked, “You played nice. Please continue to fight. That is its main focus. You’ll be just fine. It was never guaranteed to be easy. It will be difficult, I can assure you of that. You must continue to fight.” Shawn kept on topic after a quick support conversation with Rams wide receivers coach Eric Yarber. This season’s testing for the Cardinals and Rams have been more difficult than many expected. The NFC West rivals, who will be playoff clubs in 2021, have each suffered six losses as of Week 10.