Saints Quarterback Andy Dalton will start the Rams game


Dennis Allen, the Saints’ head coach, is maintaining the status quo in New Orleans despite the team’s recent setbacks. In Week 11, Andy Dalton will continue to serve as the Saints’ primary quarterback, Allen said on Wednesday. Allen went on to say that even if Jameis Winston, a former starter and current backup, may practice and take Dalton’s place, he probably won’t be totally healthy again in 2022. Only two of the seven games this season in which Dalton started as the first quarterback were victories due to his struggles as the starter. He has been even worse in recent weeks, tossing more picks in New Orleans’ previous two games than touchdown passes. As a result, the Saints have suffered; they have scored a total of only 23 points in their previous two losses, compared to 26, 34, and 24 in the three games before that. Expectations for the Saints will stay low as long as Allen sticks with Dalton as the team’s starter. In the most recent weeks, they have been forced to play without Michael Thomas and Mark Ingram due to many injuries they have sustained on the defensive side of the ball.