Running back Darrell Henderson is claimed by the Jaguars


Darrell Henderson is traveling to Duval from Los Angeles. After being released by the Rams on Tuesday, Henderson was picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Wednesday. With just 283 yards on 70 runs in 10 games, Henderson was still the Rams’ best rusher for the season when he was released, highlighting both the team’s troubles on the ground and the surprise surrounding Henderson’s release. Henderson will transfer to Jacksonville’s No. 7 running offense from the NFL’s 31st-ranked offensive, though. Henderson, a third-round pick by the Rams in the 2019 NFL Draft, could complement the explosive Travis Etienne well in the Jaguars’ backfield by providing a change of pace and a chance for the Jags to get hard yards up the middle. Henderson has run for 1,742 yards and 13 touchdowns on 396 attempts over the course of 50 games and more than three seasons with the Rams.