Robert Griffin III is willing to rejoin the NFL


Although Robert Griffin III hasn’t played in the NFL for 19 months, the former first-round pick is keeping his options open for a comeback. Griffin, a 32-year-old football analyst for ESPN, said this past weekend to Christopher Williams of KWTX in Waco, Texas that he’s keeping in shape for football in case he receives a call to return. “I’m prepared to go right now”, RGIII declared. “I work out each day. I exercise and toss. I am taking the steps necessary to prepare my body since I am aware of what they are. Yes, it is a little bit more difficult when you are traveling all around doing things for TV, but when you are sincere in your desire, you can make it work. So I’ll be prepared to play if I receive that call this year, next year, or in five years.” Griffin was selected in the second round of the 2012 draft.