On Sunday in Miami, Odell Beckham was taken off the airplane


Odell Beckham Jr., a free agent wide receiver, was taken off a Sunday aircraft from Miami to Los Angeles by American Airlines after police were summoned to a “medical issue,” the Miami-Dade Police Department reported. Beckham was not cited or jailed, according to police. The flight crew was worried for a passenger named Beckham after they tried to wake him to wear his seatbelt and Beckham “looked to be coming in and out of consciousness, prior to their departure,” according to a statement from the police on Sunday. The flight attendants phoned for police and fire rescue because they thought Mr. Beckham was critically unwell and that his health would get worse during the anticipated five-hour journey, according to a statement from the police. “The flight crew repeatedly begged Mr. Beckham to leave the plane once the authorities arrived. The cops led Mr. Beckham to the terminal’s non-secure section, where he made alternative arrangements.”