Najee Harris leaves Monday night’s victory due to abdominal pain


Running back Najee Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers left Monday night’s victory over the Indianapolis Colts due to an abdominal injury, but head coach Mike Tomlin provided no other information beyond the fact that his second-year player was being assessed. Prior to the break, Harris left for the locker room, and it was only after the break that it was revealed he wouldn’t be playing again. Harris had previously in the game gone in and out of the medical tent, but in between those trips, he had 10 tries for 35 yards on the ground before being declared ineligible. This included a 6-yard rush for Pittsburgh’s first touchdown of the game in the second quarter. Harris’ injury was described by Tomlin as “being evaluated, so I don’t know the extent of it” after the game. “We’ll probably meet up again the following day, and I’ll have more details for you then.”