Mitch Trubisky will be followed by Kenny Pickett in the Steelers’ QB rotation


Kenny Pickett has formally received a minor promotion at the start of the preseason’s second week. The quarterback depth chart for the Steelers’ preseason matchup against the Jaguars, according to head coach Mike Tomlin, will include Mitch Trubisky at the top and a new name (Pickett) behind him as QB2. Tomlin remarked, “All three players have performed well. I genuinely believe that the primary focus and thinking behind how we planned it this week is that we just want to see Kenny participate in more varsity action. Mitch has experience with the professional game, so this is a crucial week for Pickett in terms of perhaps playing in this game’s first half and, I would expect, getting a chance to see Jacksonville’s front-line defenders.” Pickett has so far demonstrated excellent potential, completing two touchdown passes on 13 of 15 attempts.