Miles Sanders says ‘Eagles feel like we are on an all-star team’


The Philadelphia Eagles offense showed lots of promise in 2021. The Eagles’ first season under head coach Nick Sirianni, which many expected to be a rebuilding year, ended with the club back in the playoffs with the team finishing with the top-ranked rushing offense. The Eagles have high expectations for 2022, in large part because of their performance in the previous year and the acquisition of wide receiver A.J. Brown. Backup Miles Sanders thinks the offensive talent, which now includes running back Dallas Goedert, tight end Jalen Hurts, wideouts Brown and DeVonta Smith, quarterback Jalen Hurts, has the potential to be something exceptional. When asked by CBS Sports how it was preparing for a season with Brown on the roster, Sanders responded, “Oh man.” “We all feel wonderful, like we’re on an all-star squad. I won’t lie; we feel unstoppable. The atmosphere has always been positive.” His rookie contract expires this year, and he is going towards a crucial 2022.