Mike McCarthy is not at all astonished by Justin Jefferson’s accomplishments


Justin Jefferson, a top wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings at the moment, is a favorite of the Cowboys, according to head coach Mike McCarthy of Dallas on Thursday. McCarthy is actually in awe of Jefferson’s incredible performance thus far. The 2020 draft’s number 22 selection was him. Prior to the Cowboys’ Week 11 matchup against the Vikings, McCarthy told reporters, “CeeDee was my favorite of the group, and he was right there. The way the guy plays is fantastic. And while we are quite impressed with Jefferson, I can’t say that I’m astonished at all by his achievement. When he went after, it wasn’t surprising since we believed we had him higher than the majority of other players on the board.” Although Lamb was the third wide receiver selected by Dallas, he was considered by many pundits to be the best receiver. It was the Philadelphia Eagles, an NFC East rival of the Cowboys, who infamously passed on Jefferson in favor of Jalen Reagor, who is currently playing for Minnesota.