Mike Gesicki: I need all the reps I can get


In their preseason matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday, the Miami Dolphins used most of their starters, including Tua Tagovailoa, for two series. Tight end Mike Gesicki was still playing, though, when Teddy Bridgewater and the replacements came in in the second quarter. It raised questions why the franchise-tagged tight end played after most of the starters left, but Gesicki said that he needed additional practice since, in Mike McDaniel’s offense, he is effectively learning a new position. Gesicki responded, “I need it. I’ll take any endorsements I can get. In the previous year and the three to four years, I was a receiver. I currently play tight end and will benefit from any practice opportunities.” Expecting Gesicki to transform into the George Kittle of McDaniel’s scheme right away is flawed since he hasn’t established himself as a blocker over his first four seasons. How the coach adapts will depend on how much Gesicki is involved.