Mike Evans didn’t believe Brady would return


Mike Evans and the rest of the football world were taken aback when Tom Brady announced his early retirement earlier this year. In a text message exchange earlier in the day, the quarterback hardly even gave his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate a heads-up. In a recent interview, Evans stated, “He emailed me and he forwarded me a story where his ball, the last touchdown I threw in the bleachers against the Rams, went for over 500 grand. There will be more touchdowns in our future, he says. I believed he was making fun of me. I had no idea what he was about. So when it was revealed that he was returning a few hours later, I was delighted. I didn’t believe he would actually return. I assumed he was simply having fun.” Brady and Evans will instead continue to have fun in Tampa Bay for at least another season. Additionally, it indicates that the Bucs will use their previous offensive line.