Matthew Stafford minimizes the severity of a bothersome elbow injury


The Rams quarterback had one message for the media and fans who were intently examining Matthew Stafford to judge his throwing arm: simply watch him throw. Stafford stated, “I’m not sure if you guys were watching, but I felt like I could make whatever throw I wanted to today. I’m just trying to be smart when I have those opportunities to make sure I can come out here, let it all hang out like it did today, and take it from there.” Stafford has been struggling with a persistent elbow ailment throughout the summer, which necessitated an anti-inflammatory injection and prevented him from throwing in the spring. And now that the season is just a few weeks away, concerns remain over Stafford’s ability to handle the discomfort and how much it may influence him throughout the season. If it is a simple injury or not, only time will tell.