Laviska Shenault, Panthers wide receiver, is eager for a new beginning in Carolina


Laviska Shenault, who spent the previous two seasons in Jacksonville, is eager for a new beginning after being traded to Carolina. He describes himself as a “hungry” player. Shenault was selected by the Jaguars in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft with the goal of developing him into a versatile tackle-breaker. With 600 receiving yards in his debut season and 619 yards in 2021, he never fully got going. In the end, the Jags’ new coaching staff determined it would be better to move on after adding players to the position. Shenault expects that Matt Rhule and colleagues will present him with more opportunities in Carolina than they had in Jacksonville. The wideout barely ever posed a deep threat during the previous season in Jacksonville. According to Next Gen Stats, he only attempted eight routes of 30 yards or more in total, with one target (a 52-yard reception). Instead, Shenault was mostly employed as a quick-catch player by the Jags’ last two coaching staffs, who hit him on short passes in the hopes that he would be able to sprint after the grab.