Kyle Shanahan, head coach of the 49ers: “I want people to be irritants, not fighters”


Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, wants his players to run right up to the line but not toe it. Shanahan stated Friday that he wants his guys to be tough, aggressive, and even “irritants,” but he doesn’t want them to throw hands in reaction to Niners players trading punches at practice on Tuesday. Shanahan stated on Friday, “I want everyone challenging each other. I don’t care if they almost start fighting. They are free to do anything they want to get pumped up, be as passionate as they want, and bring out the best in one another, which frequently occurs in this fashion. And on the field, if you throw a punch, you’re either sent out or given a penalty.” Tuesday’s discussion was mostly influenced by Warner’s blatant attempts to push Aiyuk. It culminated in a fight when Aiyuk defended himself. Shanahan claims that he is okay with Aiyuk keeping his stance, though.