Kenny Golladay is perplexed by his insufficient playing time


One is said to be the loneliest number, as Kenny Golladay played a total of one snap in the Giants’ 19-16 victory over the Carolina Panthers. He is still baffled by the current state of affairs, in which the Giants appear to be keeping him out of the game, and he hopes that by Week 3 things will be different for him. Golladay remarked on Wednesday, “I believe it’s probably going to be a bit different. But like I said, I still have no idea. I’m getting ready as though I’m going to play, but who knows.” In 2021, Golladay was a much-lauded acquisition for the front office run by Dave Gettleman. Golladay enthusiastically signed a four-year, $72 million contract to join Big Blue after being viewed as a promising receiver with two seasons of 1,000 or more yards and the desire to leave Detroit. In Week 3, we’ll see if he receives additional time.