Josh Allen: When your quarterback performs like an expletive, it’s difficult to win


Josh Allen had a really awful day, which led to an unexpected setback for the Bills, who saw their advantage in the AFC East decrease to a half-game. In the moments that followed, Allen was the first to acknowledge his mistakes against the Jets. We were playing a terrific club here, and your quarterback performs really poorly,” Allen said. “We made some horrible mistakes today, and it really cost our team. It’s hard to win in this league. Although there is plenty for us to learn and develop from, that is not the standard we hold ourselves to. We don’t play that game here.” It seemed like a mistake Allen would overcome, throwing for 143 yards and a 14-10 lead at halftime, but in the second half, it only got worse for Allen. Allen completed just 5 of 12 pass attempts in the final two quarters and went without a passing touchdown throughout the game. Allen’s performance started as usual, moving the Bills into scoring range before an uncharacteristically ugly interception ended the opening possession.