Joe Burrow warns against going into panic mode due to the Bengals’ sluggish season start


The Bengals have not yet enjoyed the successful start to the 2022 season that they had hoped for and that many had projected for the Super Bowl runners-up from the previous year. The Bengals struggled in their first two games, losing to both the Steelers and the Cowboys, despite the summer changes Cincinnati made to try to solve earlier concerns, particularly the problematic offensive line. Joe Burrow, the quarterback, has also had a rough start after committing five turnovers in the first game and receiving a league-high 13 sacks in the first two contests. Burrow stated on Wednesday that he is not yet concerned about the team’s situation, despite the growing chorus of concerns about what this sluggish start implies for Cincinnati’s hopes of returning to the playoffs. If he is correct, only time will tell. “Let’s just slow down, inhale deeply, and unwind. The two of us will be okay, “Burrow said. “Nobody should panic, we obviously need to play well and win.”