Jeff Saturday’s appointment as the Colts’ interim head coach is explained by Jim Irsay


Owner of the Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay shocked the NFL community on Monday by drastically altering the direction of his organization. Irsay stressed how difficult it was to terminate head coach Frank Reich in a drawn-out news conference on Monday night. Then, despite having no NFL coaching experience, he emphasized Jeff Saturday’s knowledge of the game and playing experience as reasons why he was the best choice to be elected interim head coach. Irsay stated at the news conference, “I’m delighted he doesn’t have any NFL experience. Because it’s challenging for all of our coaches, I’m delighted he hasn’t picked up the dread that permeates this league. They are scared. When they use analytics, things become challenging. That is absent from him. That dread doesn’t exist in him. Moreover, there was no other contender. He being available was a blessing for us. He also has a wealth of experience. With connections to coaches and players, he is an expert in this sport.”