Jeff Saturday talks about not calling timeout after Matt Ryan scramble


With a frantic back-and-forth Monday night game nearing to an end with a seven-point disadvantage, Jeff The Indianapolis Colts needed to complete 93 yards in 3 minutes, 52 seconds, and three timeouts to do it. With two timeouts remaining, they fell 26 yards short and missed out on seven points. Monday Night Football’s 24-17 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers was caused by Saturday’s perplexing decision to forgo calling a timeout after a Matt Ryan 14-yard scamper, allowing 25 seconds to pass along with the Colts’ hopes. After the game, Saturday remarked, “I believed we had plenty of time, I wasn’t particularly concerned. There were still timeouts. I anticipated that we would pick up the pace and make another play. But once more, there was no rush. We just did not engage in enough plays.”