In the Panthers’ practice schedule, Christian McCaffrey is making a strong recovery


Running back Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers had a busy day on Friday. The Panthers have established a practice schedule that includes off days mixed in with unrestricted practice in an effort to manage their star back with care. As he begins the season hoping to escape the injury bug that has plagued each of his last two campaigns, he is thankful of the strategy. “The days off, in my opinion, are crucial”, McCaffrey added. “On those days off, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get ready for the next day. That is its intended use. So even though it’s a holiday, you’re still at work. To prepare for the next day, you work out often with the trainers and the strength coaches. But I feel fantastic.” McCaffrey started his NFL career by appearing in 48 straight contests. His All-Pro 2019 season saw him become only the third player in history to record 1,000 yards running and receiving in the same year. He dreams of having a healthy season.