In 2022, Amari Rodgers feels he’s demonstrating to coaches that they “can trust me”


Amari Rodgers was viewed as a potential third-round replacement for Davante Adams in the Packers’ wide receiver group when he came to Green Bay in 2021. Adams left the Packers after a trade to the Las Vegas Raiders, making Rodgers’ development and role for the Packers in 2022 even more vital following a lackluster first season. He is optimistic that his play will get better and that his adaptability will help him succeed in the future. The room is open, Rodgers said. “I’m demonstrating to the coaches that I can play any position, that I am familiar with the playbook, and that they can depend on me in any circumstance.” Understanding the Packers offense is primarily about getting to know Aaron Rodgers. The younger Rodgers is more at ease playing alongside the two-time defending AP NFL Most Valuable Player now that he has a year of sessions and games to fall back on. He has also picked some tips from the quarterback, particularly on how to play the game. According to Aaron Rodgers, the game is 90% mental and 10% physical, and you cannot get better at it without having the appropriate mindset.