If Sean McVay wasn’t the Rams’ head coach, Aaron Donald wouldn’t have come back


Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald said that he would not return back if Sean McVay wasn’t Rams HC. Check out the details here.The league’s top DT finally made the decision to return to the blue and yellow despite retirement rumors surrounding Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald in the months leading up to Super Bowl LVI and after Los Angeles’ title victory. Speaking at the Training Camp: Back Together Saturday, Donald said that if Sean McVay had not returned as head coach, he would not have made the same choice to give it another go. When asked if he would still be at camp if McVay had retired to go on television, Donald said, “Not at all. When Sean arrived, I informed him. We had some early ideas, and I told him that I wanted to keep creating my legacy with him as long as he remained the head coach here. I’ll stay here as long as he is and as long as I can continue to play at a good level. I’ll probably put it up as well after he’s gone and all is said and done.” In Donald’s fourth professional season, McVay served as the head coach.