Giants DC Wink Martindale: Derrick Henry is like our modern-day Jim Brown


Wink Martindale, the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants, sees possibly the best player in NFL history as he gets ready to face Tennessee Titans rushing back Derrick Henry. Martindale told the Giants’ official club website on Wednesday that “he’s like our modern-day Jim Brown. Every time he touches the ball, it’s a battle because he is so different when he has it in his hands.” The Titans, who just increased Henry’s salary for 2022, probably concur. For all you Game of Thrones enthusiasts, Derrick Henry is on the iron throne, which is why many refer to him as “The King,” added Martindale. “He recently received a raise, making him, in my opinion, the highest-paid running back. And I still believe they didn’t give him enough.” The player with the most carries per game in 2021 is Derrick Henry, despite missing nine games overall (27.4).