Frank Clark was given a two-game suspension for violating personal conduct policy


Frank Clark, a defensive end with the Kansas City Chiefs, has been given a two-game suspension for breaching the league’s personal behavior rules. The reason for Clark’s suspension is that he entered a no contest plea to two counts of misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon in connection with separate occurrences in 2021 in September. Clark received a one-year probationary period as well as 40 hours of community service. When Clark was stopped in a car without a license in March 2021, a police officer detected a weapon in the car and found two loaded guns. Clark was then taken into custody. After that, Clark was detained in June 2021 for felony concealed weapon possession. Both of the arrests happened in Los Angeles. Due to an incident in Ohio, Clark was previously detained in 2014 on charges of domestic violence. To a lesser charge of disorderly behaviour, he entered a guilty plea.